About Us:

ABL Communications & Security Ltd., was formed in May 1993 and initially focused on the sales, installation and maintenance of communication systems.

At the end of the 90's we began to specialise in CCTV installations for retail and forecourts and the majority of installs including Tillscan functionality.

As a direct demand of the forecourt industry, ABL developed Fuel Minder with its partner VPON, which is a solution designed to record the number plate of a vehicle and face view of those fueling on a forecourt and display these images on a EPOS System.  In the case of a drive off a customer could quickly retrieve the relevant information and pass on to the authorities.

In May 2011 ABL Communications & Security commenced a Joint Venture with Senaca Group, forming Senaca Tech.  

Leo Doyle left the Senaca Group in September 2015 and since then ABL has began refocusing all its energies on further developing integrated CCTV solutions for forecourt and retail.

Along with this we have developed ABL Fleet which is a combined CCTV and Tracking solution for mobile applications, Networked based Door Access Control Systems and Video Intercom System for Residential Apartment Complex's.