ABL Access Control Systems

Access control enables you to electronically control who can gain access to your building and areas within.

Rather than use a traditional key, a user can present a swipe card, a proximity fob, offer a finger print or Bluetooth technology to gain access. Once the door closes it is automatically locked.  At any stage a user or a lost swipe access card can be barred, with no need to change door locks.

A networked door access system is one where all the doors connected to the system are linked together.  The doors are controlled by a software package, allowing the operator to define who goes where and at what time, within a building, and the system will complete a record of all movement. This control can be carried out locally or remote via the internet.

The system we promote and install is the Paxton Access Net2 door access system.  Over the course of the last 10 years we have been installing this system, we find the Net 2 system to be the most user friendly and reliable.

The Net2 Software allows full control of all doors connected on the system and these doors can be connected by hard wiring or WiFi


From the Net2 Software an operator can view all events, program users on the system, program access levels for each user group, define time zones to which which groups are active, control connected doors on the system and how they operate. Multiple operators can also be set for system administration and multipe sites can be connected to the Net2 Software. 

Net2 includes a full range a reports which allows an operator to monitor the full activity that has occured on the Door Access System.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a full demonstration on the Paxton Net2 door access control system.