ABL Advanced CCTV Solution

The key feature of the ABL Advanced CCTV Solution is that we provide unique search facilities which greatly reduce the time input required by a user to find a specific events that have occurred within a business.

The prime focus of our system is to reduce ‘tape trawl’ – the time spend trawling through irrelevant video footage to find the incident you are searching for. We have developed a series of search tools which allow a user to quickly find and review events stored on the system that may be of interest.

According to our customer feedback, because our solution is so easy to use in terms of retrieval of specific events, they use it more often and more effectively than a standard CCTV system, therefore reducing losses and maximising margin/profit within their business

Further to this we provide integration to the main EPOS providers to allow a user to search specific within the business such as by sale or by fueling.

We can provide the ABL CCTV Solution as a full new turnkey installation or as an upgrade to an existing installation.

Image Quality
Our first goal is to provide our customers with HD CCTV Cameras positioned in the optimum locations and to provide usable quality with the ability to zoom digital within an image either in live mode or in playback 

Wide view of an Off Licence Area:-

Zoomed view of the customer in this area:-

A Sample EPOS Over View Camera:

We then provide our customer with an operating system that allows rapid retrieval of required footage.  Below is detail on integrations and search tools that provide the ABL Advanced HD CCTV Solution with this functionality.

Integration & Search Tools

Our biggest selling integration is our Tillscan Link.  Tillscan allows for the overlay of all transaction data from an EPOS system onto the video picture of the corresponding CCTV camera so all transactions, or indeed exceptions, can be monitored. This feature allows a user of our system to all monitor transactions that occur

Tillscan Text Search.

This search tool allows the user of the ABL CCTV Solution to search till transactions by a key word or combination of key words to review footage of specific transactions.

For example:

  • Review footage of the transaction for receipt number 12345
  • Review footage of transactions carried out by a specific operator
  • Review footage of transactions carried out on a specific till
  • Review footage of all VOIDs
  • Review footage of all No Sales
  • Review footage of any exceptions that may have occured.


Motion Search

This search allows an operator to review footage from a specific area within the field of view of the camera. Simply highlight the area of interest and any movements within this defined area will be replayed.

Thumbnail Search

Allows a user of the ABL CCTV Solution to search recordings by still images. 

Searching by still images allows a user to quickly identify a change in the field of view of a camera and therefore is far faster than reviewing hours of video footage.

In the case of an object that has be left on site or has been removed from site within a 24 hour period, thumbnail search will allow you locate this within 90 seconds.

Fuel Minder

Fuel Minder automatically activates a camera to focus on the person fueling a vehicle and then the vehicle registration on lifting of a nozzle on a Forecourt.

The Fuel Minder Camera is positioned to provide a general overview of a forecourt.

On the authorisation of the pump the Fuel minder Camera will automatically zoom in a capture an image of the person fueling the vehicle and the registration plate.

These images can be displayed on a compatible EPOS systems to allow the operator to observe and in the case of a drive off, a report can be generated instantly with these images and transaction detail

During payment the operator can confirm that the correct fueling has been associated with the paying customer.

In the event of a Drive-Off, Fuel Minder can instantly produce a report, incorporating still images for immediate reporting to Gardai at the press of a button.


We offer cost effective ANPR solutions to our customers.

A user of our solution can review the registration plate details of all vehicles entering the site and review the same.

A user can review all vehicles and their number plates that have entered the site or search for plates within a specific time range, carry out a partial plate search or search by plate nationality.